Corvette Inspection Service

For All Vintage or Late Model Corvettes


In today’s times Corvettes are being used as daily drivers, auto crossed or tracked for fun. Driven in inclement weather, left outside or just plain neglected for various reason.

Don’t make the mistake of buying someone else’s problem car.

We try to remove as much skepticism as possible since Corvette is all we’ve worked with for over 35 years. For your C4/C5/C6 Corvette your “Internet Car Check’s/Fax services” only know what’s reported. They have no idea what someone has paid out of pocket to fix so its not reported. Previous damage, paint work, modifications, abuse, garage kept or not? Was this car their baby or just a car?

Do you really know what you’ve purchased or getting ready to purchase?


  • We have 35 years of Corvette Restoration knowledge
  • A member of NCRS for over 25 years.
  • The owner is an Ex NCRS Judge.

Know what your buying! Stop buying other people’s junk or pieced together cars.

Many questions can be answered to save you thousands upon thousands in repairs before you purchase or sell.

Find out if your being told the truth before you purchase or sell. Contact us at 407-834-8388 or 407-834-8532 to set up an appointment to have your current or future car inspected. If you don’t work with Corvettes everyday you can’t possibly know all the hidden areas to look at.


  • Corvette have original equipment?
  • Do all your numbers match?
  • Do the dates correspond?
  • Have hidden areas that are notorious for rust?
  • Do you know potential costs to fix issues found?
  • C2/C3 have original body panels or body work done?
  • Does the trim tag or VIN tag match?

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